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About company

Agroproduct LTD is a multy-activity holding company, a major producer of crop and livestock products in Kherson Region. On 14.5 thousand hectares of crop land the Company grows crops traditional for the South of Ukraine – grain (wheat, barley) and oilseeds (sunflower, soybeans, rape). More than 70% of irrigated areas provide persistently high yields even in unfavourable years.

Cattle heads
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Assistance: Help for people and their lifestyle, our society and economics through effectively development agricultural industry of the South of Ukraine.


Quality: everything we do we do right.

Responsibility: we take care of consumer interests, professional level of our specialists and about ecology of Ukraine.

Improvment: we move with a speed technological development this industry and provide wide possibilities for learning and professional development our workers.

Leadership: we contribute in development of agricultural sector the South of Ukraine


Investment: we invest in future to ensure environmental and financial stability of the country and improve living standards of society

The history of company development

The Agroprodukt LTD Company was established in 1995.


Trading Company «Dolynske» LLC was established in Dolynske Village, Chaplynka District in 2003 on the basis of an agricultural production cooperative.


From 2003 to 2018, the land bank has increased from 3200 to 14500 ha.


In 2008, to improve the quality of cleaning, treating and packing of seeds, seed equipment of leading manufacturers was purchased.


2010 – two stages of the reconstruction and construction of buildings for the maintenance of various processing groups of young stock, early and late dry cows, fresh and milk cows were carried out.


2013 – the first phase of the new complex for the maintenance of 1,460 milk cows was built.


2017 – the number of forage-fed cows was increased to 1,400 heads and the conditions for their maintenance was improved: premises for the maintenance of 218 heads with a milking room GEA 2 * 4 cattle stall were built.


2018 – a photovoltaic power station was built on the roofs of the cattle house and grain storage in the amount of 8404 pcs. with a total capacity of 2000 kW.

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