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About the company

For almost two decades, the agricultural enterprise “Agroproduct, LTD” LLC has been successfully operating in Kherson region.

Chairman of the enterprise is Volodymyr Khvostov.

The title “Agroproduct” includes everything that the company does today: agro, products and their quality.

Honesty, decency, professionality and continuous study of innovations are the main priorities of the company’s work. With their help we managed to build a successful business and make a priceless contribution to the agricultural sector of Southern Ukraine.

Head of cattle
Specialized machinery
power PPS
55thousand tons
of quality products per year
14,5thousand hectares
arable land

To create food security in Ukraine and around the world. We work to increase yields, develop and modernize irrigation, actively develop "precision farming" technology, study new varieties of wheat, soybean, sunflower and rapeseed (adapted to the south, with better genetics) - due to which we plan to increase the amount of product, which is important for growing population. Make life better and more stable. We create more than 500 jobs with a stable salary and high-quality conditions of work. It means that our company affects the economy of the city, region, and the country. We are a major taxpayer in the region, filling those sectors of budget that work to improve people's living conditions (roads, education, social services, etc.)


Quality: we do everything qualitatively.

Responsibility: we care about the interests of consumers, the professional level of our specialists and the ecology of Ukraine.

Improvment: we move in the pace of technical development of our industry and provide wide opportunities for trainings and professional development of our employees.

Leadership: we promote the development of the agricultural sector in Southern Ukraine


Use natural tand land resources efficiently - growing world-class grain and oilseeds. Produce tasty, safe and useful milk for people, to apply production technology, only extra-class. Provide the best and the most comfortable logistics services. Ensure delivery of goods by special vehicles reliable and timely.

A company’s development story

year of Agroproduct LTD Foundation.


2003 – the beginning of agricultural production and the year of establishment of the “Torhovyi Dim “Dolynskoie” LLC


from 2003 to 2018, the land bank was increased from 3,200 to 14,500 hectares.


2008 – equipment from leading manufacturers was purchased to improve seed processing and packaging


2010 – two stages of reconstruction and construction of buildings for the maintenance of various technological groups of young animals, different dry periods of cows, fresh and milk cows were executed.


2013 – the first stage of a new complex for keeping 1460 milk cows was built.


2017 – the number of forage feed cows was increased to 1400 heads and the conditions of their keeping were improved: an area for 218 heads was built with a GEA milking parlor 2*4 places.


2018 – a photovoltaic power plant was built on the roofs of a barn and a grain stream with a total capacity of 2000 kW.

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