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Cattle breeding

There is a modern dairy complex in Dolynske village. Global reconstruction, radical renewal of livestock and the introduction of a fundamentally new format of animal husbandry are the reasons which have brought the company into a leading group of Ukrainian milk producers.

Comfort and safety of animals are a priority issues on the dairy farm of “Torhovyi Dim “Dolynskoie” LLC. Loose housing, balanced feeding, ventilation and irrigation of accommodation for cows during hot weather period to relieve temperature stress and, most importantly, livestock management help to achieve daily milk yields at the level of American and European farms. Thanks to computerization and appropriate farm software, each animal is tracked and even its emotional state is recorded.

The world leader in the purchase of raw matter of “Danone Dnipro” LLC is 60% of milk. 40 tons of extra-grade milk are sold daily, our grain and oilseeds are in demand.

Heads elite breed cows
Indicators of our milk
Milk per day
3,85 of fats in milk 3,24 of proteins in milk
The main partner for the purchase of raw materials
“Danone Dnipro” LLC
“Torhovyi Dim "Dolinskoie" LLC is also one of the initiators of the founding of AMP
- Association of Milk Producers
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