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Animal breeding

Activity area is a dairy complex in Dolynske Village, Kherson Region. Global reconstruction, a massive renewal of the herd and the introduction of a radically new format for livestock maintenance, brought the Company into the leading group of Ukrainian milk producers. Comfort and safety of animals is a priority for the dairy farm Trading Company «Dolynske» LLC.  Loafing of cows, balanced nutrition, ventilation and irrigation of premises in hot weather and, most importantly, herd management. Thanks to computerization and appropriate software of the farm, each an animal, even its emotional state is recorded – after all, it also has an impact on productivity.

Heads elite breed cows
Indicators of our milk
Milk per day
3,85 fats 3,24 proteins
Main buyer of milk
- LLC "Danon Dnepr"
LLC "Trading house Dolinskoe" is one of the initiators of creation AMP
- Association of Milk Producers
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