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“Agroproduct Logistics” is an enterprise that is developed and wants to provide logistics services to the largest companies, producers and exporters of grain and oilseeds. Reliability is the most important criterion that our specialists are guided by when choosing cars. In recent years, our company has completely renewed its vehicle fleet.
We provide services in three directions::
Transportation of liquid bulk cargo
Modern trucks, which are equipped with hydraulic pumps with a capacity of 30 thousand liters per hour, for autonomous loading/unloading of products.
thousand liters
Transportation of grain crops
Transportation of bulk cargo by dump trucks that meet all European standards of freight transportation.
Transportation of goods by refrigerators
We do our best to provide the company's customers with the most convenient service in accordance with European standards.

Modern cars and experienced drivers with an extensive labour experience are the priority principles of our work.

Transportation, which is organized by the company “Agroproduct Logistics”, gives an opportunity to take into account all needs of the customer and the features of the goods, which are delivered.

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