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Starting your career with us means to accept challenges, constantly develop, gain new knowledge and skills, become an expert in your field in the agricultural sector. Work with us is the choice of those who see the goal and take a step towards it.

Advantages of our work


Our common goal and values unite our entire team, inspire hard work and ensure the development of the company.


We learn from the best. Each team member has opportunities for professional, managerial, communicative and personal development through developed personal training programs.


We adhere to high standards making products. That is why it is very important for us that each employee understands his/her role and become a specialist of the highest rank. Because of these we constantly invest in the development of our employees.


We rely on young specialists and want to attract talented young people all over Ukraine.
Our goal is to show future agronomists, hydraulic engineers, engineers, mechanics, veterinarians, zootechnicians and technologists that their professions are important, promising and extremely necessary for modern agricultural business.

We cooperate with the 3rd, 4th, 5th year students of agricultural universities of the country in three directions:
  • Paid traineeship on the basis of the company's enterprises for three months with the prospect of employment;

  • Production practices;

  • Excursions to get acquainted with the company's production facilities.

Fill out the form if you:
  • A student of the 3rd, 4th, 5th grade from the agricultural university at the area of education ("agronomy", "veterinary", "accounting and auditing", "business economics", "agricultural mechanization", "engineering", "technology of processing and storage of agricultural products");

  • Ready to move to the countryside;

  • Interested in profession (which was chosen by you) and ready for career development;

  • Dream to work in a successful company.

The company creates all the necessary conditions to attract young people to work in rural areas:
  • Offers an interesting and dynamic internship program with the support of an experienced mentor;

  • Compensates for rent;

  • Guarantees a stable official salary.

  • Reimburses the cost of food;

  • Provides for company’s vehicles;

  • In the case of three years of successful work of a specialist - the issue of housing at the expense of the company is considered.

Головний бухгалтер

Повний робочий день


Досвід роботи на аналогічній посаді буде плюсом, Знання методології ведення бухгалтерського та податкового обліку стандартів бухгалтерського обліку; знання 1С (обов'язково)


Організація і контроль всіх ділянок бухгалтерського і податкового обліку в повному обсязі юридичної особи Контроль документообігу, пов'язаного з бухгалтерським і податковим обліком Робота з первинною документацією; Взаємодія з контролюючими органами, (загальна система оподаткування, ФОП).

Умови роботи:

Офіційне працевлаштування. Графік роботи з 8.00 до 17.00 з пн-пт; Комфортний офіс.vТрансфер від і до роботи

Агроном по вирощуванню томатів

Повний робочий день

Менеджер з продажу ЗЗР

Повний робочий день

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